Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Farewell to Freedom

The Mystery Monkey has been captured.

Our furry friend said goodbye to his lifestyle of swinging through the trees of Boyd Hill and surrounding south St. Petersburg neighborhoods. A veterinarian and some Florida Fish and Wildlife officers shot a tranquilizer dart at the monkey, but the over fifty pound animal needed another one to put him to sleep. He is now going through disease testing and will then be moved to an exotic animal sanctuary. 

The wild Rhesus Macaque gained popularity through the years being mentioned on "The Colbert Report" and having his own Facebook page with over 86,000 fans. There are many ideas about the origin of the Mystery Monkey, but the most popular is that he was separated from a troop of Macaques who were here to film a "Tarzan" Movie a little over one hundred miles north of this area.

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